Night of Silence

Night of Silence

Printed editions

Use this helpful guide to locate specific printed music editions available through GIA. Click below for more information, including GIA catalog numbers and ordering information:

Daniel Kantor, Original octavo and scores
  • The original octavo for unison voice/piano, by Daniel Kantor
    GIA edition # G-2760

    This is the original classic composition that started it all: unison melody with piano accompaniment. If you’re looking for a simple printed edition for almost any use, this is the one to have. It also includes chord symbols for guitarists.

  • Instrumental Set and Full Score, by Daniel Kantor (complements original octavo, G-2760)
    GIA edition # G-2760INST

    If you’d like to augment the original octavo with additional instruments, you’ll find these instrument parts helpful. String Quartet - 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Oboe, Flute, Full Score

John Ferguson SATTBB arrangement and scores
  • SATTBB Arrangement, by John Ferguson
    GIA edition # G-4466

    The St. Olaf Christmas Festival is considered by the New York Times to be one of the top ten Christmas events in the world. This arrangement by John Ferguson, professor of music at St. Olaf, was produced for use at the festival. It’s a through-composed arrangement for SATTBB and is perfect for choral concert settings, or choirs that can accommodate a multiple-voice setting. Piano and/or Organ accomp.

  • Instrumental Set and Full Score of Ferguson arrangement
    GIA edition # G-4466INST

    Instrumental parts included in this edition: Flutes, 2 Clarinets, String Quartet - 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Full Score.

  • Full Score Only of Ferguson Arrangement (no instrumental set)
    GIA edition # G-4466FS

    This full score provides the conductor with the following overview: 4 mixed voices, 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, String Quartet - 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and keyboard.

Marilyn Biery SATB arrangement
  • SATB/Organ Arrangement, by Marilyn Biery
    GIA edition # G-5622

    Over the years, a number of requests were made for a simple SATB arrangement, one that could easily template over the original octavo. Also, attempts were often made to perform the original octavo’s piano score on an organ. In response, Marilyn Biery, acclaimed organist, director and composer at the Cathedral of St. Paul was asked to consult on a new SATB edition with organ. She crafted a beautiful, simple SATB arrangement, including an organ accompaniment that complements, measure for measure, the original piano octavo. Use this arrangement on its own or in conjunction with the original octavo.

Marty Haugen arrangement
  • Marty Haugen Night of Silence CD Compilation
    GIA edition # G-3138

    This is the printed compilation of all the music found on Marty Haugen’s “Night of Silence” CD, which includes his printed arrangement of Kantor’s title track, “Night of Silence.” Anyone who owns the CD might enjoy owning the printed music edition of this wonderful collection.

David Haas arrangement
  • David Haas Star Child CD Compilation
    GIA edition # G-5206

    This is the printed compilation of all the music found on Haas’s Christmas CD titled “Star Child,” which includes his arrangement of “Night of Silence / Silent Night”. This edition also includes a verse of “Night of Silence” in Spanish.

  • “Night of Silence / Silent Night,” individual octavo of David Haas arrangement, from Star Child collection
    GIA edition # G-5213

    This is a single octavo edition of David’s arrangement of “Night of Silence / Silent Night”, as heard on the “Star Child” CD. Includes a verse of “Night of Silence” in Spanish.

  • “Night of Silence / Silent Night,” Instrumental parts for David Haas arrangement
    GIA edition G-5213INST

    These are the instrument parts for David’s arrangement, as heard on the “Star Child” CD.

Handbell/Chimes arrangements
  • Handbell Arrangement, by Sue Garton and Marilyn Hines
    GIA edition # G-6273

    This delightful arrangement is for solo handbell choir, 3 octaves, with piano accompaniment.

  • Handbell / Handchimes arrangement, by Robert Ward
    GIA edition # G-6303

    This handbell arrangement may be used to accompany unison voices. 3 octaves handbells, opt. 3–4 octaves handchimes, level 3+; unison voices or C instrument (10-HB3+).