Other Music

If you’re familiar with “Night of Silence” then you’re already familiar with the musical form known as a quodlibet, which refers to a piece of music in which two seemingly unrelated melodies are brought together simultaneously.

Other Kantor quodlibets published through GIA include:

  • “Send Me Rains”
    GIA edition # G-3065

    Sings with “Amazing Grace”

  • “Child of Light”
    GIA edition # G-3350

    Sings with “What Child is This”

  • “Ave Maria,” octavo
    Daniel Kantor and Rob Glover
    GIA edition # G-3958

    Growing up, I learned my father’s favorite prayer was the Hail Mary. I associate this prayer with him, and his upbringing on a small hard-working Minnesota farm. The stories I recall of Mary and Joseph, two humble people, resonate with this. So I crafted a setting of the Hail Mary that is reminiscent of a slow country waltz with an accessible refrain that any assembly can sing. This setting contrasts with the more formal Ave Maria’s that are so often used at weddings.

    Superimposed over the refrain, one may also sing the ancient Gregorian Chant of Ave Maria. Credit for this goes to Rob Glover, who recognized this would work when he was consulting on the final arrangement used on the recording.

    A recording of this tune is available on the David Haas CD, No Longer Strangers.